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Go Green With Your Hair Routine

So, I know y'all must be at least wondering or considering going natural if you're subscribed to our mailing list. 👀 Here are a few quick tips you must have before starting your journey for more natural skin and hair care!

1. Know Your Hair, Boo: Before you dive into the natural hair care world, figure out your hair type. Get to know the ins and outs of your strands – the texture, porosity, all that jazz. This will help you pick the perfect products that your hair will love.

2. Slow & Steady Wins the Race: Ain't no rush, babe! Transitioning to natural hair care is a journey, not a sprint. Take it slow and introduce those natural goodies into your routine bit by bit. Let your hair soak up all that goodness!

3. Go Natural or Go Home: Say bye-bye to those toxic chemicals and hello to nature's finest. Look for products with ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter, and all the good stuff. Keep it clean and green, sis!

4. Hydration Station: Moisture is key, okay! Keep your hair hydrated and happy with products that pack a punch. Think aloe vera, olive oil, and jojoba oil – they'll keep your hair feeling lush and looking fabulous.

5. Protect Them Tresses: Switch it up with some protective styles, girl! Braids, twists, buns – you name it. These styles not only look fly but also keep your hair safe and sound while it's on its natural hair care journey.

If you find yourself in a crunch or just don't know which products to go with, Kay provided a few product choices in her e-book Rooted in Beauty.

And of course, we carry some of the best natural products on the market.

Let me know what y'all think about my blog and what y'all want to read about

Until next time fam!

Keep Dreaming and Always Redefine Your Beauty, Naturally!

  Dream Writer❤️


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