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Beneficial Oils to Help Give Your Skin and Hair a Natural Glow

Hey Kings and Queens!

We all know how beautiful and on fleek our skin is, however we can always use some improvements! Knowing your skin and what works for you is the best information you can have to unlock your most naturally, beautiful you! This all starts with knowing the benefits of all of the oils you use on your skin. The oils in our products have been hand chosen because of their beneficial factors and we'd like to share some of that knowledge with you! Below is a list of a few oils and their beneficial factors.


Coconut Oil- hair shine, hair growth, prevents breakage, conditions itchy scalp, skin moisturizer, sunblock.

Grapeseed Oil/Avocado Oil- strengthens hair, prevents hair loss, treats dry scalp, reduces clogged pores, reduce wrinkles.

Shea Butter- seals in moisture, protects hair from heat damage, sunblock, treats acne and blemishes, anti-aging.

Olive Oil- manageable hair, anti-aging, sunblock, moisturizes skin, said to cure cracked heels.

Argan Oil- tame frizzy hair, silky smooth hair, soften skin, hydrate skin, eliminate dandruff and dry scalp.

Cocoa Butter- reduces wrinkles, reduce inflammation in skin, improve skin health, reduce appearances of scars.

Lavender Oil- treats wrinkles, speeds healing, calming effect, repel insects.

Grapefruit Oil- shiny hair, reduces oily skin, hair growth.


Here at DayDreams, we also use sourwood honey and coconut cream. Honey is found in both our skin products and hair products because of its ancient benefits for the whole body. 

Honey- acne treatment, anti-aging, hydrates skin, reduce appearances of scars, strengthens hair follicles, hair growth.

Coconut Cream- restores damaged hair, makes hair manageable, naturally conditions hair.

Here at DayDreams Company by Kay, our goal is to find the best, most naturally beneficial oils for our products so that our customers remain healthy and aware of everything that goes on their bodies and hair. Try out these oils for yourself and see how your skin or hair reacts. Until next time!

Continue to let Kay naturally redefine your beauty!

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