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Beauty Naturally Redefined

Welcome to DayDreams Company by Kay. With a passion and love for all things beauty, we have spent years perfecting our trade. DayDreams Company by Kay is proud to offer customers the very best in the world of beauty and aesthetics. We pride ourselves on having preservative free and chemical free products. We also use glass bottles instead of plastic to avoid BPA. Check out our website to learn more about products and feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

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All About Kay


A Few years back, I moved to Atlanta, Georgia to start my life after graduating college. I was broke without a job so I moved in with my Dad until I could get on my own two feet. While living with him I was fortunate enough to get a position at Trader Joe's, which is now one of my favorite stores! While working there I learned so much about myself, my health, and the benefits of being mindful of what goes into my body and on my skin. 

One weekend my brother was moisturizing his skin with some lotion we had around the house. The lotion did him no justice as his skin was very dry and flaky a few hours later. I thought to myself, what is causing this and how could I help him? 

My little brother Robert was a very skinny, nerdy guy. Very intelligent, but an easy target for bullies so I wanted him to have more confidence in himself and in his skin. I started working on what I called "Lotion Bars." Working at Trader Joe's I was able to explore with so many organic and non-GMO products that I just started whipping up things for him.


After many trials of my lotion bars, I finally found a combination of ingredients that didn't need to be refrigerated to keep from melting. Robert appreciated the effort and his skin improved, looking more vibrant and healthy with every use of my Body Soufflé. After more research and years of revamping my products, I can offer an amazing product to you and your family with hopes that you, too, can have amazing skin and redefine your beauty with a more natural approach. 



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